Two of the twelve areas of Rotary worldwide focus are Youth Service and Vocational Service.  Northlake Mandeville Rotary's support of the Northshore Technical Community College addresses both of these focus areas.  During discussions with NTCC leadership on how our club could help advance NTTC, our members found that many of the students at NTCC are from low-income or single parent families.  To help these students, the school has opened a Food Pantry which is constantly in need of food.  To help stock the Food Pantry, club members collected food items and delivered the food to the Pantry.
Shown above are four members of the NTCC Rotaract club, Dean Oren Smith, Dean of Students at the Main NTCC campus in Lacombe, and Rotarians Bob Mathews, Jeanne Schramm, and Marty Audiffred.